Friday, April 8, 2016

Time-Making Time for Sewing!

Dear Friends,

A quarter of the year has flown by, it seems so funny that the older I get the faster time goes. I am not sure if time is really flying by so quickly or that I am just busier today with life than I have ever been. My little guy will be One this month, it is crazy how quickly his first year flew by. Yet when a customer came in last week, I can hardly remember Carson being as small as her newborn.

Time it just flys by! So many of us say so many projects, so little time; myself included. But I am finding that we do have time, it is all a focus of where you want to spend that time. I am working on putting sewing back in to each of my days. Lynn Wilder from Sew'n Wild Oaks said "the time spent thinking about something is the time you could be doing it". This is so true!

Sewing is a hobby for me (yes, it is also part of my profession) but it is more than that. When I am creating in my sewing room it gives me time to think and it makes me feel so great. There is something wonderful about sewing, it is good for the soul.
This picture below is from when Harley was a little he lays near my table when I sew.

Here is what I am proposing for myself: Get some quilting time in each day. I am working to finish my Moda Sampler blocks-I have 10 more to go and then I will be ready to piece it all together.
I also really want to get going on my Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt.
So first things first, I must have a tidy room to sew in-less distractions. (Yes I am one of those who cleans before they undo!) Currently I have just been stacking in this room.
Now that everything is in it's place I can start. I find the best way to be productive is to always have something by the machine to sew. If you get a block or two prepped before you leave, you can always go in to the sewing room and sew a few steps or press and little by little your project will get done.
So why don't you join me and find some sewing time for you in your day!
In Stitches,

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