Wednesday, January 21, 2015

UFO Buster

 Dear Friends,
Happy New have you had a chance to do much quilting this year? Everyone at the shop as been busy bees getting their sewing rooms in order and projects in order. A few of us at the store have made a plan to get our UFO's under control this year! Will you join us? This year it is all about finishing your UFO's with the UFO Buster. All quilts, table runners, toppers, projects will need to be COMPLETED with bindings this year. Leslie is planning on finishing some UFO projects that are on the design wall-her bushel basket quilt and a fun outdoorsman quilt. Melissa is planning on machine quilting many of her quilt tops and finishing one or two projects that just need a few more blocks and borders. Read all about our UFO Buster below and send us an email with your list. 
In Stitches-Leslie, Melissa and The In Between Stitches Crew

UFO Buster...
Feb. 1, 2015-Dec. 1, 2015
Join us as we make space in our sewing rooms and receive an incentive! Participate in this year long incentive program and be rewarded for completing that pile of unfinished projects! To join, file a detailed list of every UFO (absolutely every unfinished object) in your sewing world. Keep a copy for yourself and turn in a copy to In Between Sttiches. It is never too late to start. You can join the UFO Incentive Program at any time throughout 2014. When your list is turned in, you’re ready to go.
Here is how it works:
•For each listed UFO that you finish, you need to bring in that completed project (or a picture of that completed project) to In Between Stitches. This can be done at ANY TIME. Show it to any staff member and identify it as a UFO. That project will then be crossed off your list. You will then pay $1 to go into your store envelope.
•At the end of the year you will be issued an In Between Stitches gift card for DOUBLE the amount that is in your envelope. Basically we will match the amount of dollars you put in for each project that you finish!
•Each month there will be a challenge or incentive that will allow you to earn extra cash for your envelope. (We will be matching your dollars at the end of the year so every extra dollar counts!) We will announce the next month’s incentive in the middle of the previous month (March’s announced in February etc.) To announce we will post it in the e-mail and on Facebook.
• The person who finishes the most UFO’s will win prize.
*Finished projects must be quilted and bound...our whole goal this year is to have “Finished” Projects, quilt tops do not count.


Ange Culler said...

Sounds like a great idea! Can we email the list to you or do we need to drop it off in person?

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

That sounds like fun...wish I weren't so far away!

QuiltSue said...

I'd love to join in, but I'm even further away than Nancy as I live in the UK.