Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New This Week at In Between Stitches

Dear Friends,

You'd better snap the Little Black Dress II fabrics up quick before we do!  This line of fabric is classy, sumptuous, and just plain wonderful!  The In Between Stitches staff put together some fat quarter towers to make your life simple.  Each tower contains a fat quarter of the whole fabric line.
Little Black Dress II Fat Quarter Towers
 We also have Little Black Dress II by the yard.
Little Black Dress II Yardage
This pattern is called Cherry Marmalade by Artichoke Collection. This quilt was made from the first line of Little Black Dress fabric.  The second line of fabric would be just as attractive in LBD II.

It's a fun and easy pattern to whip up for a quick gift or make one for yourself!  You can machine applique the flowers and leaves and be finished in a flash. 

Doesn't every sewing room need to have a Little Black Dress? 

In Stitches,
Lynn and the In Between Stitches Staff

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Folk Art Group

Dear Friends,
The Folk Art Club meets at In Between Stitches on the 3rd Monday of each month.  This is what they've been working on.

Louise's colorful wallhanging just might be on display in her new granddaughter's nursery!

Laurie is hand quilting the shop's Antique Sampler BOM.  This is going to be an heirloom quilt when she's finished.

Come on down to the shop and join in the creativity with the girls in the Folk Art club.  You'll have lots of inspiration to finish some of your UFO's or begin something new!  We have lots of projects from which to choose.

In Stitches,
Lynn, and the In Between Stitches Crew

Monday, January 20, 2014

Love is in the Air

Hello Friends,
Love and friendship is always in the air at In Between Stitches, but now it is REALLY taking center stage. 

Melissa, the co-owner of the shop will soon be married, and yesterday was her bridal shower at the beautiful Restaurant at Wente in south Livermore.

Bride-to-be Melissa on the left, and her Aunt Leslie on the right, are the co-owners of In Between Stitches.

Melissa's bridal shower would not be complete without the gift of a quilt!

In addition to quilting, Melissa loves to cook.

Her friend Ann created a wonderful binder to hold all of her prized recipes.  What a fantastic, hand-crafted treasure so artfully and beautifully assembled.

Leslie gathered all kinds of wonderful goodies and packed them in a vintage suitcase.   So cute and so Melissa.

Now it's down to 34 days!

In Stitches,
Lynn and the In Between Stitches Crew

Friday, January 17, 2014

Embroidery Quilt Classes

Dear Friends,
The embroidery machines are a hummin' at In Between Stitches today.

The girls are working on Lady Liberty and Baltimore Christmas quilts.

Our embroidery instructor extraordinaire, Mary Ann Donnelly, has digitized both of these Pearl Pereira patterns for her students.

Both of the patterns are gorgeous!

The classroom is full of activity and laughter.  The girls load up their designs and they are off to the races.

Both of the patterns can also be made using traditional applique methods too. This is just one of many of class offerings at In Between Stitches.

In Stitches,
Lynn and the In Between Stitches Crew

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Block of the Month - Seasonal Silhouettes

Dear Friends,

Aren't these beautiful blocks!  They are all from the Seasonal Silhouettes Block of the Month at In Between Stitches.

Each and every blocks is gorgeous.  It's one of the newest design from Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts.

Here are the blocks in the BOM in all of their glory.

Don't want to make all of the blocks?  We also have them individually packaged.  All shapes are laser cut from batiks with fusible webbing applied.  The finished block size is 12" x 16".

All of the designs are in the Seasonal Silhouettes book by Edyta. 

The blocks look fabulous as individual wall hangings too. If you are interested in more information about the BOM, individual blocks, or the book, you can contact the shop HERE.

The classroom at In Between Stitches will be buzzing with activity.  Here's the schedule for the next few days:

1/13 - Beginning Sewing
1/16 - T-Shirt Quilt
1/17 - Beginning Sewing and Baltimore Christmas
1/18 - Baltimore Liberty, Patchwork Math, The Dog Class
1/19 - The store will be closed so we can celebrate at Melissa's Wedding Shower.....and the men don't want to fill-in for us.  Something about a football playoff????
1/20 - Folk Art Club, Start Quilting
1/21 - Vintage Pleasures
1/22 - Hand Quilting, Beginning Sewing

T-Shirt Quilt
Baltimore Christmas
Start Quilting
Baltimore Liberty

Patchwork Math
Hand Quilting
As you can see, it's going to be a busy, and fun week at the shop.  Why don't you buzz on it and join us?
In Stitches,
Lynn and the In Between Stitches Crew

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tips for a Successful Quilting Class Experience

Dear Friends,
Lynn here from In Between Stitches staff, with a post containing a few hints and tips to make the most out of your quilting class.  Quilting and sewing instructors put a lot of thought and preparation into a quilting class so you can get the most out of the class, and have an enjoyable experience.  We want you all to succeed and have fun while learning. You can help us by looking through the following check list.

1.  Come Prepared - Arrive early so you can be all set up in your space and ready to learn when the class begins.  Be prepared for a room that is too hot or too cold.  Bring water, snacks or a lunch.  If you need an extra cushion for back support, bring it with you.

2.  Your sewing machine - Make sure your sewing machine is in good working condition.  Did you bring your cords, and foot pedal? Does your machine stitch an exact 1/4" seam?

3.  Know what you've signed up for - Decide well ahead of time if the class is appropriate for your skill level.  Contact the instructor if you have any questions. 

4.  Pay attention to the supply list - Many classes require special rulers or tools for a specific reason.  If you have a different brand or size, contact the instructor and ask if what you have will work before spending extra money on something you don't need.

5.  Bring a cell phone or IPad  - I have found cell phones to be very useful in my classes for picture taking ONLY.  Snap a picture of your blocks or techniques so you can remember your layouts and block placement.  I've had some students take videos while I'm demonstrating a certain technique.  Always ask first.  If you need to make a call, please step out of the room.

6.  Try to do what the instructor is demonstrating - You may know a different way to achieve the same end product but try a new way.  You may surprise yourself and learn a new technique.

7.  Good fabric vs. practice fabric - That is up to you.  If you are taking a technique class, you may want to bring practice fabric.  If you've seen a sample of the quilt, and feel confident in your color selection then go for it!  Use the good stuff.  Or what about using Christmas fabric?  You can always plan ahead and make a few Christmas blocks.  Whatever you use, make sure it is 100% cotton and not cheap fabric that you put aside in the giveaway pile in 1984!

8.  Don't compare yourself to others -  Everyone works at a different pace and you didn't sign up for a foot race.  You signed up for the class for a combination of reasons, and working at a frantic pace is not one of them.  Learn from others.  You may see a color combination that you never thought of before.

9.  Be prepared to make mistakes - You have to be patient and give yourself permission to make mistakes.  Some of those mistakes may end up being your most creative block!  You may do your best sewing at home in your own surroundings.  Come to learn with an open mind, and take that new knowledge home with you.  During class, let the instructor know if you are having problems and need a bit of extra help.

10. Make new friends - Bring a paper and pencil and exchange emails with your classmates.  Plan another sewing time together to share your classroom experience.

11.  Give the instructor feedback - As a quilting instructor, I like to receive feedback on what works and what needs some refinement. Make sure you have a way to contact the instructor if you have questions after the class. 

12.  Have fun - I love to hear my students laugh during my classes.  You are more relaxed when you laugh and more apt to learn. 

So there you have it.  My top 12 list on words of wisdom for quilting classes.  See you in class!

In Stitches,

Lynn, and the In Between Stitches Crew 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Have Class!

Hello Friends,

Just a couple of shots of the interior of In Between Stitches so those of you who haven't been to the shop, will get a feel for its cozy and welcoming interior.

The only dummy in this shop is our ancient mannequin from an old shop in San Francisco.  Sometimes she wears rhinestones when she wants to dress to impress!

The teachers are offering a full schedule of class over the next few months.  Here are pictures of some of the upcoming classes.
Lisa is teaching the T-shirt quilt beginning January 16th. Click here for more information for the dates and times for the class.  How long have you been saving up those T-shirts?  Now's the time to start on that quilt for graduation.

Nancy Brown is teaching The Dog Class beginning January 18th.  Click here for more information. Bring in a picture of your four-legged friend, and Nancy will help you make a quilt using your picture.

Karen McClure is teaching Watercolor on Fabrics Basics  January 19th. More information here.

Click HERE for an overview of all of our classes.  There is something for everyone, from beginner to advanced.  From quilting to sewing to embroidery.  In a nutshell, something for everyone.

The crew has been making bundles.....cute little fat quarter bundles to add to your stash or use in one of the new projects.

Love those Mid-Winter Reds!

How about a treat.....a Tonga treat!  The colors are yummy.

Here's some eye candy compliments of Mary.  She made this quilt several years ago and lost it!  She couldn't remember if she had given it away or what.  Over the Christmas holiday, she found it safe and sound all packed away for safekeeping.  This beauty now gets to see the light of day and will make a fabulous wall hanging.  Great work Mary!

Check back often for more updates, classes and pure inspiration.!

The In Between Stitches Crew

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the new In Between Stitches Blog

Hello Friends,

In Between Stitches has a new website and now we have a new blog site.  The site is under construction, but check back often for updates on classes, kits, new fabrics and inspiration.  You'll have the opportunity to meet the staff and teachers on this site.  We'll have tutorials, pictures, and the best hints and quilting tips right at your finger tips. 

The In Between Stitches Crew