Saturday, February 20, 2010

Civil War Tribute Month 2

This month you will be making FOUR 15" Finished Squares and it involves LOTS of half square triangles. To make it even more work you will be using two fabrics that are directional to make the half square triangles. The photo provided with your pattern shows the background fabric going in different directions and the brown stripe in different directions, but well that just doesn't work for me. My block is assembled like Diagram 1 on page 2 of your pattern.

The pattern calls for cutting squares 3 3/8" from Fabric 1, 2, & 3 and then cutting them in half on the diagonal...*I cut the SQUARES as indicated and then stopped cutting.
When everything was cut I went to Piecing the Block, Step 1.
In this step you will make half square triangles, use the instructions and pair up the appropriate fabrics right sides together. I made the half square triangles by drawing a line from corner to corner and then seam a scant 1/4" away from the line on each side and then you cut on the diagonal line. See picture below for the "pattern" and the direction that they are facing, pay close attention to the bottom brown fabric as well the stripe on the left brown unit is going left to right and the right brown unit the stripe top to bottom. The red units on top you will do that to make one block, the brown units below you will repeat the left diagram four times for each block, and the right diagram four times to make each block. The blue dashed lines indicate the fabric "pattern direction". The green line indicates the line drawn from corner to corner and the red is the scant 1/4" seam allowance. Once you have sewn and cut on the drawn line, press towards the dark and then trim to 3", if you used a scant 1/4" seam you will have a little wiggle room on trimming.
Step 2: Fabric 3, cut (4) of the squares in half on the diagonal to make (8) triangles, assemble as direction.
Step 3: Fabric 1, use the photo below and use the blue line as the cutting line. Notice that the squares have the "pattern direction" in different directions.

Now all of your units are made. Layout the whole block and then piece it together as directed in the pattern. Enjoy the process, you are on your way to making this huge quilt!
**Side note about Half Square triangles.
If you are designing a quilt or trying to figure out what size square to start
with when making Half Square triangles,
just remember this number 7/8".
Always add 7/8" to the finished size of the half square triangle that you want!
So in the case above, we want a finished size of 2 1/2" so we start with a square that is 3 3/8".


Jeanne said...

Oh thank you for providing this. I am just the sort of person who would finish a block and then wish I had paid more attention to the directional fabric at the start.

The Green Pea said...

Hello Lynn, thank you for stopping in today. I will have to stop in and visit the quilt store sometime soon. sandi

pascale said...

New free models of embroidery every day