Friday, October 16, 2009

Mini Quilt Show at IBS

Good Morning Friends,

I'm at a complete loss for words and adjectives to describe the absolutely amazing and incredible projects that you, our talented customers, brought to the store this week. This was a week of heirloom quilts. So sit back and enjoy the mini quilt show.

Let's start with Lennea who finished her Blossom of Friendship block of the month. You would never know that this was Lennea's first attempt at applique! The quilt is stunning.

Lennea also has an embroidery machine. This is the beginning block for another quilt.

Look at this detail.

Alicia designed and made this cheerful and fun quilt that is going to be a tablecloth in her home.

Here's another fun quilt designed by Alicia.

Shirley remembers her mother working on these blocks in 1934 while they were living in Oregon. Shirley's mom bought the blocks at the old 5 & 10 (where's the 'cent' key when you need it!) or as we called it the five & dime store.

Shirely and her girlfriend had a fun time picking out sashing and border fabric. Shirley, you've made your mother proud.

Now we go to Ann's creations. Ann stitched all of her blocks by HAND!!! She is making this quilt for her friends granddaughter.

Just look at the detail.

Here is the sashing and inner border we pulled together for her. Those of us at the store this day wanted to be adopted by Ann so she would make us a quilt!

What can I say about Laura's quilt...... I couldn't stop looking at it. This quilt won best of show at DVQ (Diablo Valley Quilters) last month. This is from the Little Brown Bird book by Margaret Docherty.

Laura has been working on this heirloom quilt for nine years. She spent 115 hours machine quilting it. There are 900 leaves in the border.

Anne, from Stockton brought in one of the first Christmas quilts that I've seen at the store so far this season. This quilt is going to be a gift to Anne's neighbor. Anne made this from a pattern by Kevin Kosbab Check out Kevin's blog site.

That's all of the "eye candy" for the week. It's a good thing that it's free of calories.
Take care and have a wonderful week quilting!

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