Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kids Camp is in Session

Good Morning Friends,

The classroom at the shop is filled with enthusiastic and creative quilters this week as Kids Camp kicked off a week-long class Monday. They are learning from the best, Dee Christopher.

Dee walks the students through the quilt making process from rotary cutter safety, to machine quilting.

This student's rotary cutter matches her fabric!

They learn how to mark stitching and cutting lines.

The students learn the proper use of rulers.

They are learning the proper way to press the seams.

We'll post the finished quilts at the end of the week. Come back to see Sponge Bob, polka dots and bats come to life!

Other activities were also taking place in the front of the shop. Lonae brought in her double wedding ring paper-pieced quilt that she's been working on.

We loved her choice of colors and it's going to look fabulous when she gets it all assembled.

This is a picture of a section for the backing of a quilt that Peggy is making for her son. Peggy is adding additional blocks to the front of the quilt and is extending the backing since her son has grown to 6' 3"!
He wants to take the quilt with him to college and requested that Mom make it a bit longer. Very clever Peggy.
Here's Harley at the end of his day on Monday. You know it's a fun, yet demanding job greeting everyone as they come through the front door! He also misses his Mommy!

As always,

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Ann said...

Ahhh...what a sweet, sweet picture of Harley. Quite a ladies' man!