Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yo-Yo Fun & New Perspectives

Good Morning, Friends!
As Aunt Leslie and I are drinking our Mocha Breezes (with an extra shot of espresso; look out, world!), gearing up for a busy, fun-filled Saturday here at the shop, I thought I would share some pictures from yesterday.

Are you looking for a creative way to use up those extra yo-yos you have lying around? Or, are you looking for some easy, portable handwork? (Come check out the yo-yo makers we have in stock...super easy & fun!) Lisa Ramos brought in this adorable, summery table runner she made entirely out of yo-yos:

How fun is that?! I'm in love with this table runner...I wanted to go home and start making yo-yos, straight away! Have fun playing around with the placement of the differently colored yo-yos until you find an arrangement that you like, then start whip-stitchin'! :)

Ever since we hung the sample for the "All Wrapped Up" pattern by the Artichoke Girls, the pattern has been flying off the shelf, along with the kits we put together with the soft pinks and yellows that have been so popular for this quilt. We love seeing new perspectives here, so we were totally wow-ed when Rachel Banke brought in her finished "All Wrapped Up" quilt top, done in soft pinks and browns:

While store samples can serve as a great source of inspiration, it's always empowering and liberating to think outside of the box. We love being here to provide new perspectives and thoughtful opinions when you need us, but above all, we love to emphasize the fact that it's YOUR quilt, and you can do ANYTHING you want with why not have some fun?! Just a little food for thought...

The doors are officially open for today, so I'd better get to my station at the cutting table. Come in and say hi to us today! Happy Weekend!

In Stitches,
Holly :)


Susan D said...

Now I wonder what the sample pattern looks like! It's a long drive to Livermore.......

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo's are so much fun aren't they!

In Between Stitches said...

Yo Yos are the best! :)