Friday, July 17, 2009

What a week of activity!!!!

Hello Friends,

I'm a bit late getting this week's issue of the In Between Stitches blog posted. There was so much going on at the shop and I have so much material to show all of you.

The following pictures are just some of the finished quilts or quilts in progress that dazzled us on Monday.

Let's start with a quilt that Janice (left) made for her granddaughter. The pictures just never do the quilts justice! Janice's granddaughter picked out all of the fabric and the quilt just kept growing and growing. The prairie point border was so attractive.

Carol finished the borders on her quilt that she brought in a couple of weeks ago. We picked out a red Itsy Bits fabric for her inner border. The quilt turned out beautifully Carol!

Pam from San Martin brought in this amazing peacock from Simply Stunning Woven Quilts by Anna Faustino. Pam was looking for some fabric for peacock legs and additional feathers.....we had it at the store!

Take a good look at this close-up. One slip of the scissors and you start over! The fabric is all woven together....amazing. Everyone in the store stopped to check out this beauty. Pam promised to bring this back in when it's finished.

Kim, also from San Martin, brought in Grannie's Granola....she finished this in one day.....from scraps that she had in her sewing room. Another beautiful quilt.

Last but not least is Roberta's creation. This is Roberta's own design and one of her first quilts! We helped pick out binding and backing for her wonderful quilt. We are so happy that Roberta is in the process of moving to Livermore so we can see her more often. Welcome to Livermore Roberta. You've made friends here already.

What a great Monday Holly and I had at the shop. We love seeing all of your quilts. I go home so inspired from meeting all of you and enjoy seeing your projects. Keep up the fabulous quilting.

As always,


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