Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspiration and a recipe or recipe for inspiration?

Hello Friends,

Lots and lots of "eye candy" for you this week.

Near and dear to my heart are Jan's blocks from the Blossom of Friendship block of the month program. Jan lives in Van Nuys. She came up to visit her family in Pleasanton and came to the shop on Monday to show me her beautifully appliqued blocks. I was so happy to see Jan's blocks and even happier to meet Jan and welcome her to the In Between Stitches quilting family. We wish you lived closer Jan!

Kathie made this quilt for a family in Bordeaux, France. The family hosted Kathie's daughter Laura for five months while she attended a French University. What a lovely gift as an expression of gratitude.

Mary Ann Jones brought in this quilt that she made for the Youth Pastor at her church. Mary Ann's grandchildren, Travon and Halia came into the store with Grandma. See the front....or is this the back?

It was Travon's idea to switch positions with his sister when Mary Ann flipped the quilt over. Good thinking Travon!

Ruth Ann made "Psycho" from the Strip Therapy book by Brenda Henning. Ruth Ann made this beautiful quilt out of batiks. Just wonderful!

Cindy is in a "dreamy" mood just thinking about the quilt she going to make for her first grandchild. Lucky baby, lucky family and lucky grandma-to-be. We are so happy for you!

So friends, that's the to the recipe. On July 15, I taught the Stone Cottage class. No quilting class is complete without food, so I made a Strawberry Pizza. (No, I did not use my rotary cutter to slice it!) We were so anxious to dig in, that I forgot to take a picture before I started serving. Everyone in the room requested the recipe. My husband requested that I make another one....only so I could take a picture first!

Strawberry Pizza
Mix together:
1 cup butter, softened
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 cup flour

Mix well and pat onto a 14" pizza pan
Bake 7-10 minutes at 400 degrees

Mix together:
9 ounces Cool Whip
1 1/2 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup powdered sugar

Beat well and smooth on top of cooled crust.

Slice 1 quart large strawberries and place on top in a circle. Chill
(Cut into slices with your rotary cutter!)

Stone Cottage Class images

Judy working on her block.

Carolyn selecting the center of a block for Barbara.

Diana taking notes while eating "pizza."

Kaye working on her first block.

There you have it! Food for thought and food for the soul. Have a fabulous week everyone.

As always,

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Ann said...

Thanks for all the Stonebridge Cottage tips and the yummy dessert AND recipe.

The plan is to finish up some UFO's and then start on it. I cleaned out a special basket to hold all my fabric. It just looks beautiful in it's new home instead of my suitcase.