Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stone Cottage Fabric

Hello Friends,

It's Lynn here, your guest blogger this week. Stop by the store and check out the beautiful new Stone Cottage fabric by Renee Nanneman. You can go to the Andover site and download a free pattern for this wonderful new fabric line.

I downloaded the pattern and here's what I've completed so far.
I love creating these adorable little blocks! They are so much fun to make and they are all so different. They are in shades of dusty rose, creamy red, greens and muted browns with a touch (smidgen) of aqua.

These little blocks take a bit of time to make. There are 24 pieces of fabric in each one....25 if you count the center. They are worth the time and just come alive by the time you get to round three.

Now don't think that I'm crazy, but I use my pasta dryer to display my strips once they've been cut. I can organize them from lights to darks and then I can see them so much easier. The pasta dryer also takes up much less room in your workspace. You can see just exactly what strips you have cut. I always use the pasta dryer whenever I'm working with any kinds of strips, especially for a log cabin quilt.

My finished quilt will be hanging in the store in the near future. Stop by and take a look and see if you would like to add this unique and adorable quilt to your home. If there is enough interest, we will add a class to the schedule.

As always,


P.S. Stone Cottage is one of the main fabrics used in a new design from Bunny Hill called A Vintage Christmas. We are taking sign-ups for this BOM program.


Nicole said...

What a gorgeous fabric collection! You bet I will be in to see it up close. The blocks are adorable.

sew said...

Simply beautiful. Wonderful color selection. The pattern is very interesting. This will be a wonderful addition for a cozy up quilt with a good book.

Jude said...

Woow! I like the designs it wonderful... I really appreciate it too much.